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About Us

We are Allies in the true sense of everything digital. We make your digital dreams come true. Ours is a simple story. Interested yet? Read on.

Our Team

Abdul Qaiyoom

CEO & Co-founder

23+ years in creative direction & management. Passionate about business strategy & blockchain consulting to transform the creative industry

Abdul Qabiz

CTO & Co-founder

23+ years in building useful products, expertise in Internet tech, open-source, AI, blockchain, mobility, continuity, cloud, video encoding & streaming.

Abdul Ali

CGO & Co-founder

14+ years of project management & expansion expertise for startups & Fortune 500s. Skilled in Strategy, Analytics, and Program Managment

Shivani Pandey

Business Operations Head

12+ years of experience, she owns the GTM and adoption of creative insights of products. Collaboration with the team to influence the creative insights.

Prerna Verma

Office Admin

Administrative management experience. Coordination of office activities, scheduling, and administrative support for teams with years of experience.

Sabeeh Ahmad

IT Head

As the IT head with over 10 years of experience, oversee tech operations, IT infrastructure, and security to ensure seamless organizational operations.

Vaqar Rehmani

Marketing Manage

Abdul Ali

Team Lead

Soni Shukla

Project Co-ordinator

 Coordinating project activities, managing timelines, and facilitating seamless collaboration among team members.

Why Us

Our corporate mantra is simple and outlines our primary focus

We firmly believe that customer is king and consumer is not a target but a strategic partner in the success of a brand, product, or service.

We build digital dreams – from Product/SaaS/Web development to developing awe-inspiring designs to Consulting start-ups, we do it all and more. Our forte has always been designed but now we are equally competent in Products. Our focus on details allows to bring high-end experience that merge innovation in design and technology to offer powerful digital presence to brands.

Our Clan at Pixel AI Technologies possesses the Competency to deliver despite all challenges. We are consultants and crafts people.